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We're smothered in images - our computers and our phones are full to overflowing - and yet....... As a lifelong photographer I love images, but I hate to see them lifeless and digitalised on a hard drive somewhere beyond sight - they need to be real and physical so I can pick them up and hang them on a wall and see them every day.
A fine picture is like fine music or fine wine, to be experienced and to enrich one's life - to sit or hang proudly somewhere, like a friend who will lift our spirts as we pass by.
I have a need for my work to go out into the physical world, just as - I hope - you have a need for objects of beauty to nourish you and remind you of the beauty that life can be.
I've built this website so that we can meet. I've filled it with what I am happy to call wall art, in the hope that you might see something that stirs your soul and want to give a home to.
The pictures are organised into collections that follow a theme. and every image is available in three styles  and three sizes - all the details are on the last page of  the website, together with a contact form.
If there is anything you want to ask about - please do.
I hope you like the pictures.

Barry Male.

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